Kevin González Solano is a neighbor of the community of Pacuare in Limón, where he grew up with his parents and seven brothers. When he turned 16, his family faced a very difficult time because Don Omar, Kevin's father, could not find a job.

On his side, Kevin was influenced by friends who encouraged him to escape from school and make wrong decisions. He had become rebellious with his family and with life, yet within his heart he harbored dreams which he wanted to fulfill, but he did not know how to reach them. He was shot down and wounded by difficult situations in his environment.

"I reached the limit and hit rock bottom, enough to understand that I was wrong and that I needed help. I took God's hand and got up off the floor, thanks to the Youth Action Foundation and my dad's support, because they believed in me, because otherwise I would have ended up in jail or dead, "said Kevin Gonzalez.

The Young Action Foundation (FAJ), in order to prevent educational exclusion, called Don Omar González (Kevin's father) to return Kevin to school. Kevin gave himself another chance and returned to school, raising all his grades and no longer missing classes. FAJ became a support both at an economic level (uniforms, tools, shoes) and at an emotional level, through talks, quality time and advice.

"I spent four hours in the Foundation's office, they gave me emotional support, they were waiting for me to attend classes and that definitely motivated me to continue in school," Kevin affirms.


Kevin has been a source of inspiration for many young people within his community. He talks with them about the importance of finishing school, to be supported by their family, foundations like FAJ and leading a healthy life. He is now an enthusiast of physical activity and does two hours of exercise every day.

"In the middle of my situation, I always knew I could do it, I just needed to work hard. All dreams can be achieved. You should never give up, even if you sometimes feel that the dumb are against you, "says Kevin Gonzalez.


Now at 19, Kevin considers himself a warrior for winning the battle to drugs and the street. He enjoys a healthy life, values his family and in September of this year will begin his medical career at the International University of Americas (UIA). He knows that this new challenge will not be easy, but he is willing to give it all for his dream.

"Today I am a month away from starting my medical degree, thanks to the support of my father and the Young Action Foundation in the CTP, because they believed in me and supported me when they saw me fall," Kevin concludes.

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