As we begin a new year, we tend to venture into writing purposes that reflect, even a little, what we learned from the previous year; looking for improved impressions and detailing goals for this to be a successful year as well.

Like a new dawn, everything seems to be fresher, brighter, and we wish this year to be a more generous one and to get the most out of it possible.

Beginning the school year, the pages of the notebooks, still blank and without scribbles, invite us to write new stories, where knowledge becomes a tool of power and emergent opportunities to be the transforming path.

From Youth Action Foundation, our struggle to build a more just and inclusive society continues, and has evolved to work at, student exclusion in public schools, as well as other lines of action: prevention of violence and support for labor introduction, through our Youth Employability Program.

Like every year, in 2017 we are joined by new faces of exceptional young people, who, despite their many challenges, have created inspirational legacies for those who follow; young people who reflect an extract from the poem that says "... I am the master of my destiny: the captain of my soul", by Mandela; young people who decided to look at their life through different lenses, believing in their unlimited potential by giving them the tools indicated.

That is why, this year's resolutions are aimed to inspire ... to inspire to continue to build bridges towards inclusion, to open doors that materialize dreams and to weave a network that allows new horizons of opportunities for youth, from a conviction more supportive and humane.

Kristy Crawford Castro

Project Coordinator of Youth Action Foundation