The most emblematic motto of the Youth Action Foundation is "more solidarity". The people closest to FAJ actually live this message in their day to day life, in their acting, thinking and interacting with other people. However, it is necessary to describe more explicitly what the idea of ”More Solidarity” actually means to the Foundation.

The reality is that sometimes we feel "offended" by different situations that are presented in society in general - be it racism, machismo, violence, xenophobia, social exclusion, lack of opportunities for certain segments of the population, etc., but at the end of the day, we tend to act in a way that suits us best and not necessarily in identifying ourselves with the problems that are affecting other human beings.

Say for example, we hear of a highly unjust situation - say, refugees who have fled persecution in their country only to be discriminated against in another, or young people who, despite giving their best, do not receive a quality public education - we feel this " Just shouldn’t be", we are indignant with the "cruel world" that surrounds us, but do we do something about it?

Solidarity means shortening the distance between our impression of moral offense and our actions, thus turning the struggle of other people into ours and to stop thinking that the suffering of another person does not affect me, because through solidarity, that other person becomes my sister or brother, my friend and my family expands.

Solidarity allows us to share more smiles, but also more tears. It offers us the joy and happiness of being able to celebrate the triumphs that are not directly ours, but also leads us to sometimes feel a deep sadness, confusion and impotence, leading us to rebel and not to accept what is unjust and oppressive.

True solidarity challenges us to be consistent with how we want to see the world and our actions as a result of it. It does not allow us to say "it doesn’t affect me".


We have managed to spread the "most solidarity" and see this practice in teachers who give the extra mile in helping their students, supporters who support the cause with a lot of commitment and the staff that works not to meet a schedule, but rather so that people go ahead, celebrate their successes and accompany them in difficult times, helping them to build solutions, always in a respectful way and putting young people as protagonists in their development processes.

This is the time of the year to reflect, generate new goals and make the decision to live with much more solidarity this 2017. Implementing the FAJ motto of "More Solidarity" is an exciting challenge that we embrace and that helps us build a more just and inclusive society.

Anna Zimbrick
Executive Director of Youth Action Foundation