"All idealism is exaggerated, it needs to be." - José Ingenieros ... and Acción Joven Foundation (FAJ), as an idea, was no exception. Some thought it was an unattainable dream, but 10 years later, the FAJ team and its allies celebrated, on October 20 at the Institute of Mexico, the trajectory of a decade in fighting against student exclusion and for a more just and inclusive society.

The celebration event of the 10th Anniversary was attended by family members, allies, friendly organizations and TCUs, who were welcomed with the opening words of the Second Vice President of the Republic; Mrs. Ana Helena Chacón highlighted the importance of fighting together for a society with more and better opportunities for today's youth.

Jose Aguilar, founder and president of FAJ, Byron Salas and Myriam Centeno, pioneers in the construction of the foundation told the beginnings and struggles to form FAJ. "They do not know how many times they did not say that this was pure story, a romantic issue and that we were not going to achieve," Aguilar remarks.


Young people from the communities where FAJ has worked, were the center of this celebration and shared their artistic talents (theatrical and musical) and testimonies about the impact of FAJ in their lives, among them the BUGOS and Roberto Rojas from the Liceo de Alajuelita. "It's interesting how this foundation does not see a note (academic wise), but sees a person with a history behind it," said Rojas, who is finishing the school today and now a technician in administrative management thanks to an alliance with ULatina and Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy. "The Youth Action Foundation gave my life a 180 degree turn," said Rojas.

As part of the elected organizers, young graduates of the "Learning for Live" program participated, to which FAJ refers young people from socially vulnerable communities, in order to train them in the hospitality area and thus give them a tool to take advantage of new job opportunities, which allow to continue with your university studies.


"These and all the cases of improvement have two things in common: a determined will and a helping hand that arrives on time," said Sonia Marta Mora, Minister of Education, referring to the work of FAJ supporting so many young people.

Actually, Acción Joven works with passion and determination to open opportunities for young people from contexts of social vulnerability, through three lines of action: prevention of student exclusion, support for labor insertion and prevention of violence. This work has allowed the positive impact on the lives of more than 20,000 young people at social risk and the reduction of national student exclusion. A dream come true in which few believed and, in Aguilar's words, "how nice to see that they were wrong".

More photos of the 10th Anniversary here.
For more information you can write to: info@accionjoven.org